About Syarifah Riefandania

Hi. My name is Syarifah Riefandania, you can call me Rifie. I am a lead of front-end engineer at Okezone.com Product Manager at Mataharimall.com and co-founder of Delightful Takeover.

One of my goal is creating a delightful product for everyone that solves people problem. Not just a website, but in other medium. I am still curious about it.

Design will always be a part of me, even though at some times I found myself struggling creating a good design. I keep practicing hard to make people feels comfortable to using the product.

In mid 2015, I decided to give a shot to learn Swift and took a dive on mobile world. It's hard at the beginning, but I hold on to it and it's been a fun ride to know new stuff.

I enjoy taking photos, reading (for soothing the brain), listening good music and talking about good ideas.

I would love to hear from you. Send me email me[at]rifie.com

About rifie.com

This website is a blog and it will always be even there's a lot of blogging platform or people yelled that blog is dead, this website is my playground, my first love to web design world. Been powered by Wordpress for nearly a decade, I finally shut it down and moved on to Jekyll. Hosting at Atlantic.net and I chose UIkit as a front-end framework.

This website is always designed and developed by yours truly.

On Social Media

I tweet @rifie, Taking photos from my phone on Instagram as @rifiesy and socializing on Facebook.

My Tools

I use Sketch for design, Atom for codes, Slack for chatting at the community. iTerm instead of Terminal and use Git for my repo.

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