The Constant.

Hi! It's exactly a year I haven't post here. Right now I keep my day to day on my Tumblr because it's easier to update on mobile, rather than here, that I need to sit down on a desk, writing on my old Mac Mini. Why? because it's running on Jekyll. That's why I haven't update much.

So yeah, I left Okezone at the end of 2015 and go straight to an ecommerce company. Now it's been 9 months. Lots of thing happened that I've never imagine and the best thing is I made a good impact to someone with my positive attitude.

Meet a lot of people

One thing for sure that I love to do nowadays is meeting with a new bunch of people. It's a nice feeling to listen or hearing people's mind from different point of view and know their vision.

My role also need a good communication, negotiating skill and not to be a bottleneck of every person in the company. I posted what I've been through in Medium Non-Silo Mentality, It tought me a lot of lesson that you need to be continuously motivating ourself and contribute more.

Automate Your Flow of Information Stream.

We're using internet like everyday on a daily basis. Browsing websites, updating status or maybe just see a kitten picture. I have tendencies to bookmark a lot of useful articles from anywhere. For example, I faved a good article on Twitter, bookmarked blog entry on Feedly or saved Flipboard articles. Lil bit overwhelmed to visit that website over and over again, right?

But, with help of Pocket and the power of IFTTT (If This Then That), all my bookmarked articles are saved on one place, which is in Pocket!.

I created the IFTTT recipe, if I fav'ed a tweet from my Twitter timeline, then save it to my Pocket app. Also, Pocket has the browser extension so you don't need to worry to lose your articles anymore.

So, create your fav recipe and be productive!

One Click To Make Me Happier.

Funny how one function on an app can make my spirit get high.

This happened when I'm using Sketch 3 while i wanted to export every assets on different size. In this case, is about @2x or just a normal size.

On Photoshop you can crop it manually, install plugin called Cut&slice me or you another app like Slicy. But on Sketch 3, you just one click away to make your assets exportable. Chose the format, size and voila! your asset is ready to use as separate file.

Now that's what i called productivity and solve my problem really well so I can work like a pro.

Periplus Is Still A Fav.

To be brutally honest, I love Periplus Online Bookstore because they gives customer a good benefits if you're signed up to be their member. For example, you will get 1 reward point for Rp 10,000 amount of purchase (I traded my points to bought 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami). Also, they have plenty of children's book for sale like puzzle or a classic tale. You can see the catalogue here. They're also giving an e-voucher to your email for the next transaction if you spend probably like above 150,000 rupiah. Good bargain, right?

For offline transaction on their store, don't forget to show your e-PEC barcode so your credits will automatically added to your account!

I am just one happy customer.

A Teaspoon of Positivity.

Everyday, we surround ourselves with situation that can be overwhelmed us. People talking about bad news, making up stories or even say something that can change your point of view. Relax, that kind of situations is normal. No need to sad or mad, or if you chose to be miserable, just take a minute or two and everything is going back to normal again. Haha I hope you not choosing that!

Have a little bit of positivity can change my entire day. It's the one that keep my day and night feels great. Think about happy thoughts and talking about something beautiful also can help to stimulate your brain.

2014. Year of Good Stories.

I always write about anything that interest me everyday, even though it's just some 4 or 5 lines a day but it helps me remember what was happened that time. And i read it again last night.

Read more

Fall. An Emotional State Tumblr theme.

You know, when you had too much coffee, and everyone is sleeping, you just can't only read a book. I need something to create. So, i decided to make a tumblr theme called Fall. It was made to just only write my highlight of my emotional state (well, let's say, my mood) on my favourite lyrics and color. It has 9 color and i will post it based on my mood. The design is really simple, with a big typography. You can also use Fall as a Quote Post. Simple as that. And of course, you need a Grooveshark or rDio account to embed the song.

So, i will post my tumblr based on my mood colors. Tumblr support "TagsAsClasses" so if your tag "cheerful", you will also need to write the class .cheerful to make your style like background color, font size etc.

Why am I made this? it's simple, it's a personalisation on the color and design. Of course Twitter or Facebook can do that. Just share the song and you're done! But it doesn't have any essentials. Just sayin. Also, you can post your fav quote. :)

Hope you guys like it!

Requiem To iPod Classic

So i've heard. Apple discontinued the iPod Classic and that scrolling, a hand-palm sized device that can fit to your pocket will be missed. Since I am an iPod classic owner, i should say something nice to this product.

>My first iPod was iPod nano, a blue one. And that thing always company me in my college years before I gave it to my little brother. Now it's broken after 5 years.

And then i got married on 2008. My husband was concern enough about my emotional attachment to music that time so he decided to bought us an iPod Classic, black, shiny on back 120GB that i can fill whatever i want. I remembered that we (you can read it "me") lil bit arguing about buying an iPod touch instead because it was the really coolest product on 2008. But we choose the Classic. That 120GB you cannot resist. I filled that iPod with music and video clips like crazy. Always use that thing whenever, wherever. Collecting my fav bands like there's no end!

Years has past, and then, there's an iPhone. Which can sync your favorite music and it can make a phone call. So you just need one device. I still use the Classic as  a company at home. I was pregnant and i sync it with classical music and Murottal (Qur'an recite). So the Classic always stays in our room, playing our fav music. After the baby was born, that Classic still stay on baby's room. For make baby's room fill with relaxing sounds.

I really can't imagine my days without that device! So much music, so much melody and so much memory.

Now, everything is in the cloud now. We're a rDio subscriber and that iPod Classic right now is in our car. Which is only play when the internet connection is too slow or our battery phone runs dry (Oh and we're on the road trip too!) . But all the songs that have memories still there and I never erase anything since i bought it at the first time.

That's the story of me and iPod Classic.

Something always change

Usually, i wrote (kind of) witty words on my birthday. Just to motivate myself that i know i can make some words that sometimes funny or completely annoy people. Like, "Hey! I tried to catch a train early in the morning, so you can pick me up in the evening." Well it's not witty words. I just found that it only rhymed!

Much to say about me being 30-ish. "Age it's just a number" or "Being an adult it's a choice" yadda yadda yadda. But somehow, I am a conservative minded (proven!) and i was always thinking that changes is hard. Gregory House once says "People don't change just because they wish they could."

Well you know what? Something always change. I changed. a bit. Hahaha.

You don't have to change if you don't want to. If you don't have something to pursue, if you want to repeat same old thing and always stay "right" in your argument. Then why'd you change?

I've read a book about The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg that transforming your habits, can be a key factor to your peace, successful and well-balanced life.

Honestly, before slowly changing my habit (you can pretend that I've changed a lot), I just live my life with a happiness of being me, I love what I am doing, always grateful for what i have and never take anything for granted. Let's hope that the last thing i wrote it's true. :D

I have one big (for me it's big) destination to this transforming habit. Let me keep it to myself, if i can reach it, I will tell you.

But for now, let me challenge myself, set some reachable goals and keep my thoughts that happiness it is not a destination. It is a method of life.

31. Lots of list to do. Lots of love. Much love to my family. Alhamdulillah.

Today in words

I just wanted to say, when you're going home from your office, and thinking what you did either serious or funny thing this day. There was a slice of improvement there. You got a new joke or maybe you get in to problems that keep challenging you to be solved.

I had both today. That's balance, right?