Why don't you make it responsive?

So, everyone wants their website responsive right now. Responsive is good. What’s a responsive? Please read this. :)

Website right now is transforming into something simpler than 5 years ago. Going flat design, nice layout transformation, copy is really straight to the point and it’s really good.

For what I am thinking about website,  all website should be okay in every web browser, even in mobile. So, if we want to reach our mobile user with lets say, a good display on their tiny web browser, we need to do some responsive touch in our development. Or maybe you can do your mobile site separately. It depends on your strategy and needs tho.

But with the website going responsive, we really care about our mobile visitor. It’s not a trend anymore. It’s a mandatory development nowadays. For me. Thanks for all frameworks out there, i can develop website much lighter.

First time it was difficult to learn the framework, but in the spirit of making a delightful website, i shall do it. My first ever framework : 960 grid and my first responsive framework was Skeleton i even used it on first Xfactor website(mid 2012). And you know what? It’s not even a responsive framework, it adaptive. But thanks to everyone, ‘responsive’ is the majority word in web industry.

While your client ask “Can you make my website responsive” You can answer : “yes sir, I already think of it, sir/ma’am.”

Here is the link for further reading : What are Frameworks? 22 Best Responsive CSS Frameworks for Web Design

Right now, I am using purecss.io, It much suit me.

Written on Feb 22, 2014 • Tweet this!