Watching music show never been this wet!

So, yeah i finally got a chance to watch Phoenix in Love Garage 2014 last Friday. The rain was really heavy that night. And what i wanted to say is : The show was awesome. Phoenix was awesome. No cameras, no phones, no tablets on crowd’s hand. I feel like in a year 2000.

Never been this free to dance. And thank God, no mud!

And luckily, someone has recorded their last song, ‘1901’. You really have to see the video on how the crowd sang in the middle of heavy rain. Poor Thomas.

And as to yours truly, i found it hard to make a photos while my hands were wet. image

The picture was taken by my brother. Even if the photo is blurry, can you see how happy I am with the Luigi’s 8-bit hoodie?

Written on Jan 20, 2014 • Tweet this!