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72 hours in Edinburgh

Get to Edinburgh

Edinburgh was one of the city that we want to visit on our UK trip. It's already on my list since I listened to Two Door Cinema Club and of course, since I am watching medieval movies. It must be great to visit one day. And that day has come!

For the transportation to go there, we took Virgin Trains from Manchester Piccadilly station and it was more than 2,5 hours journey to get to Waverley Station. It was pleasant journey on the train and the crew was really helpful that time, offline and online. I asked anything regarding my ticket via direct message on Twitter and they replied me so quick! Hopefully I can travel with them again soon!

Also, the train is clean, spacious and comfortable. Loved the clear big window to see lots of cattles, green hill and river.

While we're on a train on Carslie stop, we share same desk with the grands. Talked everything from weather to Indonesia, a country that they've never heard of lol 😁 (He promises me to open the map soon he gets back). Actually, it was pleasant talks with them

After arrived at Waverley, I heard bells and the sound of tram on quite breezy weather. Lots of people walking in a rush with their suitcase, probably to catch a train right? Since we're in front of station. We took bus to our AirBnB at Canon Street and of course, enjoying the view!

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We just enjoy the city, strolling around and hangout in a coffee shop to talk. Just the two of us.

St. Arthur's Seat

We took a hike next morning into St. Arthur's Seat with a very windy weather and I am bringing strawberries (lots of it) with me because i can't stop eating it! Since I never do any run that time, I kinda bit tired fast and stop every minutes. But once we're there, the view is great!

We really enjoy the hike and once at the top, you can see Edinburgh from a far. If you can watch the video with the sound on, you can hear the wind whoozing hard!


So for the highlights of this travel, I might found some of things that makes me smile a bit

  • Scottish often times says the word 'Cheers!' as the change of 'Thank You'.

  • I lost my money in the morning before I cross the street to supermarket. Probably fall off from my pocket

  • Whiskey is everywhere. Too bad I don't drink.

  • French Fries is still 'chips' here.

  • Scotland have "Bank of Scotland" banknotes and I was confused that time whether the banknotes still can be use in London. So we spend all the "Bank of Scotland" banknotes in Scotland.


I know we're just had three days. It's very short time to stay and get to know the city well. We're really love the city and the atmosphere. I have some tips for enjoying the city:

  • Bring your own water. Water price is expensive!

  • If the destination is a walking distance, just walk and don't take the bus.

  • You can find halal food quite plenty in Edinburgh. We ate really big and delicious kebab and Biryani rice.

  • If you're Harry Potter fan, then you are in the right place to buy and get to know anything about Harry Potter!

This is our first trip to Europe and we fell in love with Edinburgh at the first sight. Loved the 'gothic' feeling and I feel this city has another beautiful things to offer.