The Constant.

Hi! It's exactly a year I haven't post here. Right now I keep my day to day on my Tumblr because it's easier to update on mobile, rather than here, that I need to sit down on a desk, writing on my old Mac Mini. Why? because it's running on Jekyll. That's why I haven't update much.

So yeah, I left Okezone at the end of 2015 and go straight to an ecommerce company. Now it's been 9 months. Lots of thing happened that I've never imagine and the best thing is I made a good impact to someone with my positive attitude.

Meet a lot of people

One thing for sure that I love to do nowadays is meeting with a new bunch of people. It's a nice feeling to listen or hearing people's mind from different point of view and know their vision.

My role also need a good communication, negotiating skill and not to be a bottleneck of every person in the company. I posted what I've been through in Medium Non-Silo Mentality, It tought me a lot of lesson that you need to be continuously motivating ourself and contribute more.

Written on Aug 21, 2016 • Tweet this!