Sunday activities never been so beautiful

You know, being a wife, a mother and also a homemaker on a Sunday is really a busy activity! Wow. Never felt this busy. Ok now. Let me tell you a story about today.

Well, our 'pembantu' doesn't work on Sunday so we work everything on our own. First task is bathing Shafa. She's start to use a bath chair right now and i feel more comfortable to bath her. But she's feeling cold all the time because i must bath her on side terrace (not at baby truffle as usual). Dressed her, and done!

Ten minutes later, i know that my husband needs to eat breakfast! So here goes the second one. The second one is making breakfast. Cooking 3 fried eggs and 10 chicken nuggets is also called cooking, right? Okay then, served! :)

After that, guess what? I'm cleaning dishes. This job is the most hardest job for everyone in this house.  Even my lil' sister, who claimed that she's the real 'homemaker' never done this. Or maybe, very rare! Hahaha.

in the evening, you can repeat the story that i wrote above. Except for washing dishes. And cooking.

And it ended with preparing my husband clothes for tomorrow's work.

So priceless.

Written on Apr 18, 2010 • Tweet this!