So Quite. So Alone

It's been a while that i didn't have a 'me' time. You know, spending most of your time just for yourself. Of course besides work time. And schedule to cut your hair. And sleeping. So, i decided to have a 'me' time, which are usually go to mall, buying some stuff and eat some good food after work. Oh God, i totally forgot when the last time i did those thing!

Since my Lumia had a sudden death. Death i mean dead. Dead dead dead. I went to Nokia Store at Grand Indonesia and see what they can do to make my Lumia comes alive again. But when i got there, it was closed. I think it will be close forever. I saw only huge white cardboard. Means what? Exactly. Not good. And then, the story begins.

You see, almost every weekend i go to Grand Indonesia with my daughter. Just the two of us. The routines are eating udon, drink strawberry sparkle at De Waraku after that we ate ice cream and Shafa will crying for me to buying her a new dolls/toy/book. And tonight, i went there alone. And i feel something is missing and on the other side of me it simply added a feeling that i don't want to have. Which is loneliness.

I never been this lonely since.. I don't know. Probably last year?. Call me sentimental but it's trueee. When i was in a bookstore together with my daughter, i've always feel like 'I need some time to chose a book' while Shafa always drags me to the kids section. 'Wait! I am chosing a book'.
But tonight, i was so confused what section that i must go first since there was no Shafa dragged me. Hahaha. This is true. So quite. So alone.
But thank you God, it's not last forever.

So, am i not suitable for 'me' time anymore? I hope not.

Okay, i'm being sentimental and emotionaly unstable. Maybe I am gonna have my period.

Written on Aug 27, 2014 • Tweet this!