Requiem To iPod Classic

So i've heard. Apple discontinued the iPod Classic and that scrolling, a hand-palm sized device that can fit to your pocket will be missed. Since I am an iPod classic owner, i should say something nice to this product.

>My first iPod was iPod nano, a blue one. And that thing always company me in my college years before I gave it to my little brother. Now it's broken after 5 years.

And then i got married on 2008. My husband was concern enough about my emotional attachment to music that time so he decided to bought us an iPod Classic, black, shiny on back 120GB that i can fill whatever i want. I remembered that we (you can read it "me") lil bit arguing about buying an iPod touch instead because it was the really coolest product on 2008. But we choose the Classic. That 120GB you cannot resist. I filled that iPod with music and video clips like crazy. Always use that thing whenever, wherever. Collecting my fav bands like there's no end!

Years has past, and then, there's an iPhone. Which can sync your favorite music and it can make a phone call. So you just need one device. I still use the Classic as  a company at home. I was pregnant and i sync it with classical music and Murottal (Qur'an recite). So the Classic always stays in our room, playing our fav music. After the baby was born, that Classic still stay on baby's room. For make baby's room fill with relaxing sounds.

I really can't imagine my days without that device! So much music, so much melody and so much memory.

Now, everything is in the cloud now. We're a rDio subscriber and that iPod Classic right now is in our car. Which is only play when the internet connection is too slow or our battery phone runs dry (Oh and we're on the road trip too!) . But all the songs that have memories still there and I never erase anything since i bought it at the first time.

That's the story of me and iPod Classic.

Written on Sep 14, 2014 • Tweet this!