Couple days ago, my friend keep asking me when we will gonna watch the Guardian Of The Galaxy. People said that it was an awesome movie. But, somehow I felt reluctant to go. It's really hard to convince myself to get entertain with movie even though it's only for two hours. I am thinking like, I will wait until that movie goes to TV or Netflix. I even don't buy DVD anymore or even *cough* illegally *cough* downloading the movie. Thor : The Dark World is the last movie that I've seen. It was more than 6 months ago. 6 months!?

What's wrong?

Well, watching movie it's not on my top priority list anymore. I prefer to do something else and watch the movie later when i have a spare time. I still love movie and TV. But i change my priority list a bit. Probably, when you growing old you need to change a bit. For me, watching movie it's not that important anymore. If you start a conversation with me, don't ask about any new movies. Hahaha.

Music on the other hand, i still enjoy it. Music accompanies me to do everything.

What's Changes You? Don't You Love Movies?

I need to make myself busy! First is the brain, after that my muscles. Umm.. That's just two reason of a lot goals.

So, when is the last time you go to movie theatre?

Written on Aug 26, 2014 • Tweet this!