Picnic in the morning

When Shafa wanted to do picnic, all i can think about is just sitting down with her and playing cook and serve with me. With me, i mean, I don't do anything. Just sit down, company this lil fella playing. I am okay with that. :D

So, we went to Taman Honda and started to sit under the tree, with her favorite blanket. We brought some toys, chocolate bread, milk and as for me, just a camera and one can of Milo.

Actually it was fun, the weather was really nice. But Shafa doesn't want to do anything. Just sit and play cooking instead of running and playing on the playground. Me, on the other hand, again, tried to capture this moment. Even though she says "Mommy! Put the camera down and play with me, Mommy!"

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Written on May 27, 2014 • Tweet this!