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Kota Tua and Semasa Market

I am trying to bring camera whenever it's possible. I know probably lots of you think that's conservative way, but shooting something and has the story behind it, it needs to be properly taken and by this is using camera. I also love shooting photo with phone, for the sake of Instagram and the Stories. I feel that something is missing and you can't prevent that, since the audince also changes the habit on how they see picture.

But that's the beautiful of photography. It doesn't matter what the tools are, as long your photo tell a story or the one time only event that will be history in the future. You will not regret on why you're taken so much photos

Like I am always trying from the beginning. So, in the spirit to becoming good photographer and also trying to be a good storyteller, Let's start with discovering some place that familiar, alone.

Strolling in Kota Tua

Being alone half day on Sunday, I managed to go to Kota Tua in West Jakarta a month ago. I knew that there's Semasa Market event and Low Light Bazaar going on, so I brought my dad's EOS-M series camera with 22mm lens attached. To be fair, as a DSLR user, I am not quite comfortable using this lil camera, since I used the viewfinder a lot. But still, the camera is sleek and I didn't have any problem using it.

if you go to Kota Tua distric, your eyes will not miss the town square, the famous place for every tourist and local to gather. You can do museum hopping, see the street performers, rent an old and colorful bike, or eat (or just drink expensive juice) at Cafe Batavia. I found that this place has change a lot. More restaurant and coffee shop, clean area and good place to hangout too! As a Jakartans, you rarely find a town square that has bigger public space. I am really glad that we have appropriate one.

Semasa Market and Low Light Bazaar

So, this is my first time to go there and I was surprise on what they sell. So much cute and rare item like designed pins, scarf, tote bag, fancy notebook and stickers! (don't forget the delicious cake and coffee). It made me think that there's a demand of all that and you as a creative, need to see that opportunity. It opened my eye and reminds me that there's a lot of things happened in creative industry.

I tried my luck to buy old camera there, which is Ricoh 500GX. I like it because I need to wind the film, rather than slide with a noise.

well, that's all my stories! Hopefully I can tell more story, better!