My Front-end Basic Apps

Being a front-end web developer i think it’s a challenging job. Basically, you need to know about the design and development too. Not just only convert the .PSD from designer into HTML and CSS code. Front end 4 years back then i think it was only that point. But nowadays, You need to know everything. From good UI and UX, fancy javascript and make the design works for people. It’s a good ride so far. Web design is evolving into something bigger than i thought and people web screen is smaller. That’s why, we need to catch up with that!

So, stop converting design in old ways! Time is money. Be the front-end that you ever wanted. Grow your skill.

The biggest portion of being a front-end i think is converting the design into html. And after that, the javascript section. Mostly jQuery. But luckily i found some way out to cut the time with this very useful apps.

For converting design work.

  1.  Sprite Cow. If you’re using CSS sprites a lot, this tool is for you. They provide the background-position, width and height for you.
  2. Slicy. My fav apps so far. Slicy truly reinvents Photoshop slicing. Simply magic!
  3. Sip. This is the app for encodes your color on your screen into hex and RGBA code with just a picker. Simple but works for me.
  4. PrimerCSS. This app is pull your class and id from HTML and generate the CSS for you.
  5. Codekit. For faster development!
  6. Tincr. For CSS live editing from your Chrome browser so you don’t have to open your text editor again.
  7. ProCSSor. Beautify your CSS.

Well, that’s the basic. Now you can do other task productively. Code more!

If you guys have something please write on the comment section :)

Written on Nov 22, 2013 • Tweet this!