Okezone 7th Birthday

Me, today on Okezone 7th birthday.

It’s a nice ride working here. I love the atmosphere on how small ideas can make a great impact on design work.

It’s not a miracle tho.

And i’ve learn a lot today. The speech from HT was great. He talked about speed, research, ‘a do it now’ habit, never look back (trapped in your delightful past and forget about what you are now and your future. Like you can’t  barely move on from your golden era thingy) and the importance of being number 1.

On the other hand, i don’t believe in luck. So, the tagline for me really needs fixing. Here’s my version : “Seven, feels like heaven”

Seven is great number. David Beckham was number 7 on Manchester United, also Cristiano. My house also have a number 7.

Oh it’s getting ridiculous, ain’t?. Hahaha.

Well, happy birthday.

Written on Mar 19, 2014 • Tweet this!