2o13, Goodbye! Goodbye!

I want to say goodbye to 2013. I spent my time on work too much while i knew it will be a never ending work. Sounds crazy but it’s true. So, my wish list for 2014 about work is this : Set a limitation, do what you need to do and loyal to your profession. *Azeek*

Yes, yes i do learn from my mistakes. I am still happy doing all this thing. *cough* my personal work *cough*.

Oh yeah, i had a really nice projects this year. Can’t complain about my personal work! It’s been a nice time and i really enjoy meeting with a client.

And Apple TV is my favorite stuff. Amazing what you can do with that thing. I bought it and i love it. Watching Netflix, Hulu, mirroring iPad, Listening Spotify, Rdio. Too bad it doesn’t have an internet browser.

I also learned a new stuff about front-end thingy and be a good designer. Oh and i changed my Android phone to Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 720 yellow. Lil bit hard for a while, but yeah I am on a right track to leave Android.

Okay enough about geek stuff.

Since I’ve only spent my transport cost 4 thousand rupiahs a day, I have a lot of money to save. While everyone stuck in a traffic, and cost more buying gasoline, I am doing my 10 minutes walk from Cawang station to my home. I am so lucky.

Japan was fun on March. But yeah, I couldn’t do hanami. Hadn’t see sakura either.

And then, there was Gilis. I celebrated my 30th birthday there. With my husband. Time of my life.

My daughter turned four years old on December 5th. She’s a lil princess now. So girly and she knows numbers and alphabets. I really wish i can spend more a lot, plenty, gajilion of time for her. Mommy always love you.

I wrote my resolution for 2014 yesterday. I want to share it but nah. Writing down is enough for me. Let’s see if i can make it to reality.

So, here’s to 2014. Keep it real, good and content.

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