How To Make Life Poster With Photoshop

I love the Life Poster from Mike Matas and wanted so bad for my photo collection. Well, you can do it with iPhoto if you have Mac, but do not worry if you don't have it. you can do it with Photoshop.
Ok, so let's get started.

Step 1
First thing first, you have to collect your 98 photos in 1 folder. Choose a bright, colorful and sweet. And one more thing, you need a landscape (4"x3") ratio to make your poster perfect.

Step 2
Open your Photoshop CS and go to menu File-Automate, then choose Contact Sheet II.

Step 3
Locate your folder that contain your photos first. You can set the size of width and height as you want it, actually. And the rows and columns too. But let's get stick with 20" width and 30" height. Resolution sets to 200 pixel/inch. Columns set to 7 and 14 for rows. Don't forget to click the "Use Auto-Spacing". Right, and click OK.

Step 4
Well, sit back and relax while Photoshop place your photos randomly. And after that, you can save it as .TIFF, .JPG or .PDF just to preview and print it on A4 paper.

If you want to print the Life poster on your favorite development plaza, it should take 100k rupiahs.

Here's mine, i made it on 2008.

Written on Oct 28, 2009 • Tweet this!