first ten days as a wifey

Well, here i am..A married girl.
Everyday i meet my other half and woke up in the same place with him.. That’s just.. beautifully attached with the mellow emotion in the morning.
My first ten days as a wife, hmm.. lemme think.
I mostly preparing his clothes, made him drink milk every day and breakfast together before he’s going to work. Hahaha.. what a life. :)
And we talk, talk and talk about hope, needs, fears, wants, happy moments and other great stuff that you couldn’t said while you were just a boyfriend-girlfriend.
Also, when we were kissing it’s getting deeper and feels so… free… Not afraid of being busted or feeling guilty.. Hahaha..
I love every moment of it, and i hope everything will be okay in our journey.
That’s my first ten days. How bout you?

Written on Nov 17, 2008 • Tweet this!