Fight Notification

I don't like being too attached to my phone right now. I am sick and tired of it. I want to control on how the information coming.

Every notifications, every stream from my social media, every likes, every chat, well mostly everything that i want to see and reply, EVERYTHING! Why should i see it instantly? I feel like my phone is controlling me.

I did an unplugged from the internet for 4 days (yeah, it was only four days) last month, and It was great. I really missed that. I should do more unplugged for better life. I can read 70 pages with no short distraction, spent quality time with my food, i listened more deep to my daughter story. And the most important is, the world is still there without you take a peek on your phone.

So, here's my strategy to not touch phone or tablet often :

  1. When you hear notification sound, read five to ten pages of book instead of taking your phone.
  2. Set your special time to read all notification and post to your social media. Not more that 30 minutes. Unless you have important message from your family, that's okay i think.
  3. Turn off your data communication and no wifi on your gadget. Do less with your gadget, like read a book on iBooks or turn on your music player.
  4. Don't bring your phone/tablet everywhere.
  5. Talk, discuss, chat with your family and friends. You need that.
  6. Subscribe to Blinkist. Use the internet more wisely.
  7. Try to read a newspaper or magazine, perhaps?

Okay, let's do this!

Written on Apr 19, 2014 • Tweet this!