Fall. An Emotional State Tumblr theme.

You know, when you had too much coffee, and everyone is sleeping, you just can't only read a book. I need something to create. So, i decided to make a tumblr theme called Fall. It was made to just only write my highlight of my emotional state (well, let's say, my mood) on my favourite lyrics and color. It has 9 color and i will post it based on my mood. The design is really simple, with a big typography. You can also use Fall as a Quote Post. Simple as that. And of course, you need a Grooveshark or rDio account to embed the song.

So, i will post my tumblr based on my mood colors. Tumblr support "TagsAsClasses" so if your tag "cheerful", you will also need to write the class .cheerful to make your style like background color, font size etc.

Why am I made this? it's simple, it's a personalisation on the color and design. Of course Twitter or Facebook can do that. Just share the song and you're done! But it doesn't have any essentials. Just sayin. Also, you can post your fav quote. :)

Hope you guys like it!

Written on Sep 22, 2014 • Tweet this!