Automate Your Flow of Information Stream.

We're using internet like everyday on a daily basis. Browsing websites, updating status or maybe just see a kitten picture. I have tendencies to bookmark a lot of useful articles from anywhere. For example, I faved a good article on Twitter, bookmarked blog entry on Feedly or saved Flipboard articles. Lil bit overwhelmed to visit that website over and over again, right?

But, with help of Pocket and the power of IFTTT (If This Then That), all my bookmarked articles are saved on one place, which is in Pocket!.

I created the IFTTT recipe, if I fav'ed a tweet from my Twitter timeline, then save it to my Pocket app. Also, Pocket has the browser extension so you don't need to worry to lose your articles anymore.

So, create your fav recipe and be productive!

Written on Aug 25, 2015 • Tweet this!