A Leadership.

The fixed-mindset leaders were, in the end, full of bitterness, but the growth-minded leaders were full of gratitude. They looked up with gratitude to their workers who had made their amazing journey possible. They called them the real heroes.
- Mindset by Carol Dweck -

For the past six years, I’ve worked with superiors which have many different kind of leadership styles. You can call them supervisors, managers, head of dept or chief executive of a company. Good leaders, they changed my point of view, made me uncomfortable so I can grow and challenge me to get everything done. Not only done, but need to create great value and perfection, like that thing exist in real life.

Three things are in common about them, they’re very focus on their goals, create a destination that everyone will go there together, (well, pursuing us to go together and build the road too, you must), lead by example and most important is accepting failure (but not too often, aeight). And other things that makes them different are based on their attitude, personality, charisma or a habit.

My thought is, find a good role model is a necessary because it will go with your work style and having an influence on your soft skill too. Even if you have your own style, at least you have something to look up to.

So you need to find a leader who create an impact in your life, in a positive way. Whether it makes you miserable or happy (so you will know the difference, fyi). And give you a feedback to have a chance to rebuild. Find who can make you see the chance for growing yourself into a better person but still accept you just as you are.

And I am forever grateful experiencing my journey with them.

Written on May 23, 2017 • Tweet this!