8tracks.com, a tumblr for music?

I will always love mixtape. Share it, and i discovered a new music that i haven't heard before. Last.fm, blip.fm, are my favorite music sites. Couple years ago we knew there's a website called Muxtape but they closed it because of something illegal stuff yadda yadda yadda (well yeah they still exist now, but with different kind of website).

Finally, I found this website on the internet, called 8tracks.com and i becoming addicted to this website. You can hear the mixtape from everyone there, share it and embed it in your website or even your facebook! And it's legal!

Launched in 2008, this website took my heart away. It's so silly that i barely know this thing.

I feel that 8track is like tumblr for music lover. I can feel the environment. :D Follow me!

Written on Dec 16, 2009 • Tweet this!