25, a brand new era.

So, right now I’m 25 years old (Holy cow! I’m 25 years old!!!). Alhamdulillah. Sometimes, I’m afraid that i can’t think like a normal 25 years old woman. You see, in my opinion, I’m still a childish. Seriously. I’m scared. Time is running fast and you know it, you can not stop the time. And I’m really hoping, that time will be on my side, to make my life more meaningful. And the most important is.., I’m one year closer to death (thanks, Aulia).

Well my sister gave me a pair of CK (Charles & Keith) not Calvin Klein hand bag and shoes. Love the color!

So, i decided on my birthday, I spent some time with the Kencures and went to Mal Kelapa Gading to hung out and dinner. Our choice was Coffee Bean, and Pizza Hut. Speaking about Pizza Hut, the quality and the quantity of meat and the cheese is really decreasing. It was a ‘not too bad pizza’ that time.

Ice Blended Mocha. I’m not a coffee addict but this is really good. I didn’t put a sugar, tho.

They were really enjoyed the coffee tho, even though with an empty stomach (baca: belum buka puasa dengan makanan!)

So that’s it. No alcohol, no clubbing, no drugs. Thank God. Well, that’s bad for my health, and also, I’m afraid going to hell. :D

Written on Sep 8, 2008 • Tweet this!