2014. Year of Good Stories.

I always write about anything that interest me everyday, even though it's just some 4 or 5 lines a day but it helps me remember what was happened that time. And i read it again last night.

I started 2014 with a road trip to my husband's hometown in Jogja with our car only three of us. Exactly on first day of January. At first time, i was afraid because it's rainy season but with (a lot) of convincing words from him, finally i had give it a try for the first time in more than 25 years, to do the longest road trip! (I remembered that my dad brought me to Bali with a car when i was 3). And you know what? It was a greeaaat.

Our little one also enjoying the trip. She's a natural traveller. She didn't complain much about the road. Yeah she asked "Are we there yet?", but not that often. But the traffic when we went back to Jakarta was awful! So i was pretty much exhausted. But it was lovely trip, we had a good time hehehe. Well that's a good start!

What can i say about 2014?

I always write about anything that interest me everyday, even though it's just some 4 or 5 lines a day but it helps me remember what was happened that time. And i read it again last night. All i can say about 2014 is full of excitement (hey I always THAT excited, right!?) and a year of how clumsy i am (yes, i fell off my feet in front of CEO once. Now you know!) I've witnessed so many changes and I am a part of it! I am lucky to feel that atmosphere.

I've change my habit a bit, just to spice up my daily and keeps me not going rusty. I read books more than last year. My most memorable and favourite books are Rework by Jason Fried and The Power of Habit by Charless Duhigg.

Don't be afraid to show your flaws. Imperfections are real and people respond to real. That is why we like real flower that wilt, not perfect plastic ones that never change. Don't worry about how you're supposed to sound and how you're supposed to act.

I tweeted that couple months ago, from Rework book. just to self-support since i have so many flaws and frankly not to feel more desperate and panic. Hahaha

Year of A New Dawn

Place where i spend my work time fun for the last two and a half years, Okezone, has finally change the look and feel, and I am the part of the design team. Never felt so good see the new design goes live and kicking. I wrote the redesign process in Medium, which was read by thousands visitor hahaha. Thank you for sharing that.

And we have a new direction, new goals to reach. It feels different when you have that. You got that tingling thing and wants to keep doing a continuous improvement to make a better experience. Perfection.

2014 also gave me an opportunity to be at front-end engineering (well, engineer sounds more attractive again nowadays) division, from only 2 people and now become 5. We keep trying to get everything to the next level (next level!? *dies* ) and keep learn something new. Don’t settle and prepare for any obstacles! That's excitement right!?

Isn't great to enjoying time with doing things that you love everyday? Hehehe. Also, with a new spirit too.

South Korea for freeze the time

I've visited South Korea this year, met old friends and see the cities again after ten years since i left that country. I took 1,500 photos and made a video.

One thing for sure why i had chose to go there again, i missed the food and the atmosphere of the quiteness when you walk in a park. I also met old friends, Mariano Zuk. The guy who sent me this farewell postcard with motivational quote.


2014. A remakably awesome time at work and beautiful things happened in personal life. My 2014 wasn't suck at all. It was fun and enjoyable ride. Hahaha. Thank you for everyone that involved~~~ ^^;

2015. Real Thing.

Well, I've heard my boss said that today's success is yesterday history. So "look back don't stare" pretty much needed for next year. I've got so much to catch up (srsly maybe too much), build something different and keep motivate myself.

Here's to 2015. Opportunity is open wide to everything.

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